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've been talking to the leaders and they're intensely supporting mitt romney and paul ryan and why that's important, ohio is kind of the linchpin of the election and in ohio evangelicals constitute about 30% of the vote. and barack obama just carried ohio four years ago, but because john mccain had really done no outreach to the evangelicals and they were loaded up on our colleague mike huckabee, they stayed home. 300,000 evangelicals in ohio didn't vote in 2008. obama won by 260,000 votes. if they come out in large numbers more romney and ryan in ohio next tuesday, as they did for george bush in 2004 and 2000, i think that romney could take that state. stuart: now, are the evangelicals voting positively for mitt romney? because they like mitt romney? or are they voting negatively against president obama? because they don't like president obama? >> well, the good news for romney is that it's a combination of both. romney has done outreach to them. and richard land of the southern baptist convention has endorsed him. did that yesterday. he met with billy graham about three weeks ago, gra
, charles. first of all, let me just say that our thoughts and prayers, governor romney, congressman ryan, our entire team are with those who may be affected by this storm. these polls are going to go up and down. we will see a lot of variation between now and election day. our campaign, we feel really good about where we're positioned. we feel like governor romney -- charles: let me jump in there -- if i were you i would be a little nervous. heck of a first debate. the two other debates went by. sort of like i'm a boxing fan, you guys had the president on the ropes now it looks like he's totally recovered. to your point it could go any way. whey do you feel so good? >> we always knew this was going to be a close election. we feel really good about our ground game. we feel really good we're going to have a message on tv that's going to resonate -- resonate with voters. we feel good that romney and ryan are delivering a message that will resonate with the american people. liz: do you think you win ohio. >> we feel really good about ohio. obviously it is going to be competitive. a lot of st
back in the red column and deliver the country for george allen in the senate and also, romney-ryan at the top of the ticket. >> liz macdonald here. what level of importance is are candidates putting on the friday jobs report, the last report coming out before the election. >> liz, i don't think very much. i think at this point in time this pie is already baked. if you look across the country, probably about 1/3 of the voters out there have voted so far. and really, we've seen a seismic shift in public opinion and also enthusiasm, ever since that first debate in early october. when 80 million americans got to see governor romney stand toe to toe with barack obama without a net and really without the filter of the liberal media and they saw his economic plan, they heard him articulate his path for energy independence for america, and they saw barack obama for the first time in months without a teleprompter. and they realized the emporer really has no clothes. so, we have great enthusiasm in virginia right now. charles: i think you'll like that. we'll leave it right there, okay? pete
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3